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The Key delivers on Arlington’s bold vision to create a global destination with a dynamic skyline, a walkable community, and adjacencies to outdoor public spaces, all inspired by its diverse mix of people and activities. This iconic project has been oriented and designed in such a way to take full advantage of the sweeping views of our nation's capital, Rosslyn, the Key Bridge, and the Potomac.

Just as the Key Bridge is the gateway to both Arlington and Washington DC, The Key offers entry into an elevated lifestyle in an unmatched location. Apartment residents, hotel guests, and conference attendees will all experience a sophistication and convenience that is reserved for only the most distinct multi-use developments.

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January 31, 2023

Latest Update

Residential tower is now separated from the hotel tower

December 16, 2022

Latest Update

Concrete has reached the 16th floor

press release
October 13, 2022

Press Release

We are thrilled and proud to announce our partnership with Hilton for our latest project, Hilton at The Key.

September 16, 2022

Latest Update

Concrete has reached the 9th floor

May 27, 2022

Latest Update

View looking NW and South from 1812 Fort Myer Drive. 

March 10, 2022

Latest Update

View from the east facing Nash Street crane looking down.

Rosslyn 9-24-2021 looking south
September 27, 2021

Monthly Update

View looking south. The micro blasting portion of the excavation is complete.

crane install
August 19, 2021

Construction Crane Installation

View from Route 29 looking South. Site excavation continues. Microblasting and rock removal are well underway.

Upcoming Excavation Work
July 7, 2021

Bedrock Blasting Notice

The excavation phase of our project is approaching bedrock. Like many projects in the Rosslyn area there will be blasting to remove the bedrock.

Construction Progress Update
May 14, 2021

Monthly Update

View from Fort Myer Drive looking SW. Yellow rigs drilling holes to place steel soldier piles, which will support the surrounding area while site excavation continues below street level.